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Yes, you can also choose the contents of the boxes from a large assortment of specially selected quality products. We can also recommend what items to place in the boxes. Whether you want to include small mementoes from your location or you wish to produce a custom-made toy with your logo on it, we can assist you. We aim to deal with any requests and will strive to find precisely the right product that you wish to add to the aGiftbox.

Our design team is ready to create boxes imprinted with your logo or can assist you in creating one that can be embossed in gold, silver or any other color. We can, of course, accommodate any other wishes you may have. This design process is free of charge. aGiftBox also has some exclusive standard box designs you can order if you want to try out the product before you finalise your custom designed boxes.

For us to make you an offer on aGiftbox that relates to your brand and your customers we recommend that you contact us by calling +45 xxxxxxx, email: sales @ aGiftBox or use the form below. You will receive a questionnaire that will help us to define your wants. Once we have reviewed your questionnaire, we will produce some examples of gift boxes that cohere to your budget and wants. This offer is 100% non-binding and free.

Initially, you may order 100 packages as test kits. To be entitled to free shipping the order must be for 2000 boxes.

Shipping costs will depend on the number of ordered boxes and the location to where they should be sent. Let us give you a quote by filling out the form below or email us: sales@aGiftBox.com

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You are always welcome to contact us her below or we can set up meeting where we can identify the needs you may have and recommend the best solution for you.

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Established in Copenhagen, Denmark and deeply rooted in the tradition of classic Nordic style and quality, games specialist and founder of GamesWeb Thor Bentel, quality toy expert Signe Mark and an award-winning design team lead by Nanna Sandberg are the team behind aGiftbox. They are an experienced team tailored to offer luxury gift boxes for children to customers who deliver services in the luxury goods sector. Our concept is to provide a service that is exceptional and unique from what our customers' clientele are used to. Our handpicked high-quality activity toys packed in custom-made luxury gift boxes support and maintain the exclusivity of luxury brands.

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