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Luxury entertainment gift boxes for children

From custom-made luxury boxes to hand-picked, high-quality toys we at aGiftbox also aim to provide you with exceptional service. We understand the need to deliver specialised exclusive products to your most treasured customers.

Creative package for older children

Example of package

The gift boxes can be designed to fit perfectly with the rest of the luxury brand, restaurant, hotel, shop etc. Both size, type, colours, folio, standout etc. are possible. Contact us and let's make an example of how your gift box could look.

Package for children 3-10 years

Gift box One

Lovely compact gift box with many hours of children entertainment and activity to stimulate both heart and brain. Prices from:

$ 19 / per pack
Logo printing and shipping not included
Gift box for children

Our five-star concept

  • High-quality entertaining activity toys
  • Luxury boxes to inspire young imaginations
  • Meets EU CE rules
  • Quiet, gender and age neutral
  • Compact and light, easy to travel with

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